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Child Left on Bus Twice

Updated: Thursday, March 28 2013, 12:38 AM EDT

COLUMBUS -- A mother is furious after her son has been left on a day care bus for the second time.

Keisha Coles said she found her son Keshawn stuck inside the bus when she went to pick him up on Tuesday.  Keshawn said he fell asleep on the drive back from school.

"For two hours my son was outside on a bus," Coles said.  "How can you let a kid be missing for two hours?"

She takes her two sons to Mock University Day Care off Oakland Park Road before school.  A bus takes them to school and then brings them back to day care after school is dismissed.

Coles said she forgave the bus driver the first time he left her son on the bus.  Now she's looking for somewhere else to take her kids.

"It's not a hard problem to fix," she said.  "The only thing the bus driver have to do is just walk his bus and make sure if a child falls asleep, they wake him up."

The day care said they have no comment.

Child Left on Bus Twice

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