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Changes Coming to SR 750/US 23

Updated: Monday, March 25 2013, 07:10 PM EDT
DELAWARE COUNTY - Change is coming to a busy southern Delaware County intersection.

ODOT is adding two left turn lanes from US 23 Southbound on to State Route 750 Eastbound towards the Polaris Fashion Place.

The state says 300 cars and trucks pass through this intersection daily. 450 on the weekend.

ODOT says there were 18 crashes in three years on SR750 west turning onto US 23 north. Thirteen of them were rear-end crashes.

Carol Zishka says something needs to be done. " I just live up the road," said Zishka. "I go to Lancaster a lot and it takes me longer to get from here to 270. Takes forever. Many times 20 minutes."

Hope Bilbrey works nearby. "It would be nice because traffic is always backed up at rush hour with one left turn lane."

Drivers in the far right lane of US 23 south, which is now right turn only, will have the option of turning right or going straight.
Mike Wolfe likes the plan. "I think it's a definite improvement," said Wolfe. "Right now people come behind the shopping center to catch the other light which backs up traffic so it's a great improvement."

He says even his driving buddies- his two beagles- are excited.

"Anything that involves treats or cars or fire hydrants, they love it," said Wolfe.

A right turn lane will also be added from SR 750 westbound to US23 northbound.

Crews will begin signal work this summer.

Construction is expected to start in September, with the whole thing finished by the Christmas shopping season.


Reporter: Terri Sullivan
Web Producer: Kellie HannaChanges Coming to SR 750/US 23

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