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Cancer Survivor Struggles To Give Baby Breast Milk

Updated: Sunday, February 17 2013, 06:15 PM EST

CENTERBURG--Amy Arnold just wants to do what many other mothers take for granted. Breast feed. The ovarian cancer survivor was diagnosed while she was pregnant.

It took Amy Arnold more than 7 years. When she finally conceived, doctors discovered a cyst. If it weren't for little Amelia, they may have never found it.

While Amelia was getting ready to be born, Arnold was undergoing chemotherapy. The cyst was surgically removed and Arnold is no longer going through chemotherapy, but she now faces a new challenge. Much of her reserved breast milk can't be given to her baby.

Getting breast milk tested has been expensive, but it hasn't stopped Arnold from trying. To her, breast feeding isn't just a bonding experience. It's part of being a mom.

Arnold says Amelia may have saved her life.

If you would like to help Amy Arnold's cause, you can donate to the "Amy's Joy" fund at any Chase Bank.


Reporter: Jen French

Cancer Survivor Struggles To Give Baby Breast Milk

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