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Canada Goose Limps Hilliard; Impaled by Arrow

Updated: Saturday, April 6 2013, 11:48 PM EDT
HILLIARD -- A Canada Goose is drawing attention in a Hilliard neighborhood. Impaled by an arrow, the goose eludes and evades captors trying to help.

"I'm sure the animal is suffering," Ryan Talbot said.

Talbot and his neighbors first noticed the struggling goose last week. Since then, it's limped around the neighborhood and barely able to fly only feet off the ground.

"We do get a couple calls a year of geese that have been shot," Judith Vaughn of the Ohio Wildlife Center said.

The Ohio Wildlife Center is one of only a few places in central Ohio that assists injured wildlife at their Billingsly Road animal hospital. Already, the organization has responded to three reports of geese shot by arrows this year.

Catching the birds however, proves to be difficult.

"Stress is a big factor," Vaughn said. "They can experience capture myopathy."

Capture myopathy can sometimes be fatal in wild animals. It's a condition induced when an animal is captured. Experts say it can be a fatally stressful situation.

So far, all attempts to capture the injured goose have been unsuccessful.

The Canada Goose can only be hunted in the fall and is protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Violators can face heavy fines and even jail time.

Reporter: Shawn Kline Canada Goose Limps Hilliard; Impaled by Arrow

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