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Black Tar Heroin Arrests in Grandview

Updated: Monday, March 4 2013, 07:46 PM EST
GRANDVIEW -- The Grandview Heights Police Department partnered with the Columbus Police Department in an effort to battle the rapidly growing heroin problem within Grandview Heights. 

For the past several weeks, members of Grandview Police have been conducting an investigation into the illegal trafficking of black tar heroin in and around the City of Grandview Heights. 

Investigators learned that a source of the heroin being filtered through the area may be coming from individuals in the area of Lock Rd and Lawndale Ave in southwest Columbus.

In a joint operation, Grandview and Columbus officers were able to seize over forty grams of suspected black tar heroin, resulting in the arrests of three individuals. 

A fourth Columbus man was arrested on outstanding warrants, unrelated to the narcotics investigation.

Grandview Heights says they "will stop at nothing to seek out those persons suspected of trafficking and using narcotics in our city.  We will make all efforts and use every resource at our disposal to battle this epidemic that has filtered into our community, schools, and youth."    

This is still an ongoing investigation.


Web Producer: Kellie HannaBlack Tar Heroin Arrests in Grandview

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