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Bikes & Skateboards to be Banned at the Oval?

Updated: Wednesday, March 27 2013, 06:39 PM EDT
OSU CAMPUS — Bikes, skateboards and roller blades could soon be prohibited from the Oval on Ohio State University’s Campus.

After several accidents, OSU President Gordon Gee called for a Traffic Safety Task force last fall.

Lindsey Komlanc, spokesperson for OSU Administration and Planning, said the university is looking to make certain parts of campus “pedestrian only.”

Komlanc said this will start at the Oval, a central part of campus that’s also a crossroads for faculty, students and staff.

The Traffic Safety Task force will start educating students about the campus traffic changes on April 17. Because it’s such a big change on campus, Komlanc said enforcement will not start immediately.

University officials hope students will abide by the traffic changes before the next freshmen class starts this coming fall.


Reporter: Jen French
Web Producer: Kellie HannaBikes & Skateboards to be Banned at the Oval?

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