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Below Freezing in the Spring

Updated: Thursday, March 21 2013, 12:15 PM EDT
COLUMBUS - It may be the second day of spring, but temperatures are just above freezing in central Ohio.

Carol Hilbert and her dog Lilly Visit Goodale Park every day, even if Hilbert has to wear an extra layer.  

"Every morning, we come every morning," Hilbert said.

While students at OSU return from spring break they're not getting any break from cold weather. 

Some undergrads fashioned uggs in the middle of March, but others insisted on braving the cold and wore a T-shirt and shorts.

"I just kind of roll with the punches as far as Ohio weather goes," Scott Ramage said, OSU student.


Reporter: Jen French
Web Producer: Kellie HannaBelow Freezing in the Spring

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