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14-Year-Old Charged with Columbus Murder

Updated: Wednesday, February 6 2013, 12:53 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- A teenager charged with murdering a man in his basement Monday night could be tried as an adult.

Joseph Reeder, 14, is charged with murder, aggravated robbery, and tampering with evidence after, police say, he shot a 64-year-old man in the teen’s Elaine Place South home. 

Reeder is also accused of stealing the victim's wallet and car, as well as tossing the .33 caliber murder weapon out the vehicle's window several miles from the crime scene. 

Before Reeder’s Tuesday court appearance, prosecutors filed a motion to relinquish jurisdiction in the case and present it to a grand jury.

ABC 6/FOX 28 looked into Reeder’s criminal past, and uncovered a record of repeat truancy, as well as an incident involving a stolen car.

The teen is scheduled to stand trial next week for the car theft charge, after police say he stole the vehicle from a Whitehall lot on January 19.

Reeder was caught driving the stolen car through Gahanna January 20 on the arresting officer’s dash cam.  The video shows Reeder driving the maroon Impala down a residential street at 40 mph, and refusing to stop for officers. 

The report indicates Reeder had asked the arresting officer for directions and cash for gas.  After his arrest, the teen told the officer he was in a gang, and he didn’t stop for the lights and sirens because he saw police chases “in movies” and thought “it would be cool.”

Reeder was released from a juvenile detention center on January 22, and was ordered to wear an ankle monitor.  Court records state Reeder “cut off” the monitor the following week, and his whereabouts were unknown.

Police say they have not recovered the gun used in the murder, and they’re still trying to confirm the victim’s identity.  Investigators say Reeder made statements before he was charged that were not consistent with the evidence they have collected.

Reeder is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday morning.


Reporter: Lisa Rantala
Web Producer: Ken Hines14-Year-Old Charged with Columbus Murder

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