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SEVERE STORM: Hilliard Industrial Park Damage Part One

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 01:48 AM EDT
HILLIARD (Ken Hines) -- A strong storm took only seconds to cause severe
damage to several businesses at an industrial park on Wednesday

Weather investigators have not determined the type of
storm that struck the park located on Equity Dr. near Westbelt Dr., but
several witnesses said they believe a tornado was responsible for the
extensive damage.

The storm ripped chunks of roof off multiple
buildings, and caused a collapse that left a gaping hole in the United
Stationers building.

The roof of SCP Pools was also severely
damaged by the storm. The business's employees described the sound of
the storm as deafening, and said the building was ripped open like a

SCP workers took shelter in the building's basement and
bathroom during the chaos of the storm, which lasted only seconds,
according to witnesses.

The facades of multiple buildings were also severely damaged by Wednesday's storm, as well as several vehicles.

No storm-related injuries were reported in the area, which surprised many who saw the damage done to the park's buildings.SEVERE STORM: Hilliard Industrial Park Damage Part One

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