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Columbus Residents Go Pink to Combat Violence Against Gay People

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 11:42 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Steve Levine/Ken Hines) -- Supporters are parading in pink today to fight back against violence targeted at gay people in central Ohio.

During a four day period in Columbus, three gay men have been brutally beaten. So far, only one person has been arrested in connection with the attacks, which are not believed to be related. 

“Even though we are in a diverse city, we are in a bubble, people want to hurt us,” said Chris Kratavil, who was assaulted early Monday morning after dropping his ex-boyfriend off at his home on Indianola Ave. 

Kratavil believes he was a target of a hate crime, because the suspects who watched him kiss his boyfriend goodnight targeted him, not his belongings.

“They weren’t interested in any of that, they just kept hitting me,” Kratavil said.

After Kratavil posted a picture on Facebook showing him wearing the bloody pink shirt he had on when he was attacked, people began posting photos of themselves, also wearing pink, to show support for the victims of the recent rash of violence.

“By spreading awareness, we can put a stop to this,” Kratavil said.

Larissa Roman and co-workers at Skreened T-shirt Shop joined the cause by handing out free T’s that read “On Fridays we wear pink”.   

Employees at Surley Girl Restaurant in the Short North also helped, making pink cupcakes, cocktails, and tacos -- the specials of the day.

“Kind of blown away,” Kratavil said when asked to describe his reaction to the support. “I don’t want it to be about me, I want it to be about awareness. This happens every day -- it’s sick, but true.Columbus Residents Go Pink to Combat Violence Against Gay People

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