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Whitehall Police Arrest Suspects in 12 Break-ins

Updated: Monday, September 16 2013, 01:54 PM EDT
WHITEHALL (Kellie Hanna) -- Whitehall police have arrested two suspects in connection to dozens of break-ins overnight.

These break-ins were not only in Whitehall, but there was one reported at the Brentwood Lake Apartments in Reynoldsburg, one in Delaware, and up to 10 in Columbus.

Whitehall police were alerted of the crime spree so they set up surveillance in a parking lot of an apartment complex and saw the car drive in.  

The suspected car is a rental and drove off without its lights on.  That's when police pulled the car over at Hamilton and Poth roads.  

They found uncashed checks, a lap top, and burglar tools including a crowbar and a flashlight that were used in the break-ins.

There was evidence they were taking wires and glue and going into mail slots to grab the checks.

There was also a ledger with a list of apartment complexes.  The ones they had hit were crossed off.

Police say the suspects, Osniel Figuero Delgado and Angel Palacios Garcia, are from the Las Vegas, Nevada area and may be here specifically to commit these crimes.

The Whitehall Police Sergeant also says this may be part of a larger crime group.Whitehall Police Arrest Suspects in 12 Break-ins

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