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Thieves Steal Flag that Honored Clintonville Man's Marine Father

Updated: Thursday, October 24 2013, 08:02 PM EDT
CLINTONVILLE (Steve Levine) -- A man is outraged after burglars stole an American flag that draped the casket of his father, a military veteran.

Thieves busted into the Indianola Ave. home of John W. Kennedy Jr. last week as he and his family were in the process of moving out of the neighborhood.

Among the items taken was the U.S. flag used during the military funeral of John Sr., who served four years in the Marines.

“It’s terrible, what they have done. Why would they do that?” John said. “It has little value to them.”

The crooks also stole a P.O.W. medallion and three shell casings used in the funeral's 21 gun salute.

“Why would they steal something like that? A man has served his country, and then to take it away,” said AMVET Post 89 Commander Larry Badzinski.

Columbus Police are now investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call 614-645-4545.Thieves Steal Flag that Honored Clintonville Man's Marine Father

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