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SPECIAL REPORT: Living with Guns

Updated: Monday, February 18 2013, 08:24 PM EST
COLUMBUS – Nearly every day a gun is stolen somewhere in Columbus.

Robert Young and his wife Althea know what it’s like to have weapons taken from their home.  Thieves last summer stole four semi-automatic weapons while the couple was out of town.

“This was a brand new gun they took out of a box, said Althea, “This gun was in my holster”.

The retired Columbus homicide detectives are not alone when it comes to being ripped off by a gun thief.

Last month, 95 weapons were stolen from cars and homes in Columbus.  Nearly two-thirds of the firearms were handguns, followed by shotguns and rifles.

West Columbus visited the most by burglars, 31 guns were stolen in January, and the majority of the thefts were in the Hilltop.

“They can sell it on the street, very quickly, it’s easy to turn a profit,” says Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott.

Weapons experts say, you can fight back, by buying a gun safe you can bolt to the floor and cannot be opened unless there is a key or combination.  You can also purchase a safe that can only be accessed through someone’s fingerprint.

“A thief is not going to play around,” said Claire Marvin, of AIM HI Shooting range, “no one is going to bother, and they are going to take your TV instead.” 

On Thursday, our ABC 6 Fighting Back Phone bank will be open from 5:00pm-6:30pm, where you will be able to talk with gun experts about a variety of firearm issues, including obtaining a conceal carry permit and upcoming changing gun laws.

To view all 80 Columbus police reports that reported 95 guns stolen click here:
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Guns 5


Reporter: Steve Levine
Web Producer: Kellie HannaSPECIAL REPORT: Living with Guns

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