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SE Columbus Neighbors Thwart Suspected Burglar's Escape

Updated: Tuesday, August 20 2013, 08:22 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Ken Hines) -- A burglary suspect is behind bars after neighbors prevented him from leaving the scene of a break-in at a Southeast Side home.

Police arrested Freddie McCoffin on Sunday after arriving on S. Ohio Ave. to find the suspect involved in physical altercation with a homeowner.

The police were alerted to the situation by an elderly resident, who was told by children that McCoffin had broken into a nearby home.

When the owner of the home being burglarized became aware of the break-in, he grabbed a pair of scissors and confronted McCoffin as he emerged from a basement window, according to police.

"I go, 'Don't move. Just don't move,'" the homeowner said. ""He stopped [and] pulled his knife."

The homeowner said McCoffin lunged at him and attempted to run away, but was unable to flee the area because of an asthma flare-up.

A judge has set McCoffin's bail amount at $50,000.

"When the neighbors stick together, when we see something happen, we band together and try to stop it," the homeowner said.SE Columbus Neighbors Thwart Suspected Burglar's Escape

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