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RATE YOUR RISK: Burglary Victim

Updated: Wednesday, February 13 2013, 08:28 PM EST
COLUMBUS -- A burglary victim wishes he'd seen a special series of tests before a crook rummaged through his house.

Chris Murphy volunteered for ABC6/FOX28 to take the Rate Your Risk surveys for our fighting back series.

Murphy returned home last December to a burglar inside his house.

He chased him upstairs where the crook hopped out a second story window and got away.

Murphy says he knew that kind of crime was possible but wasn't something that kept him up at night.

"The neighborhood's rough but it's not out of control," said Murphy.

We wanted to see if Murphy was a prime target for burglary.

He took the Rate Your Risk test and got a 67 for a score meaning a moderate risk for burglary.

"This would be a good thing for people to get before anything happens," said Murphy.

Murphy has since added alarms and bought shotguns to protect his house.

If you'd like to take the test just go to www.rateyourrisk.org.


Reporter: Tara Morgan
Web Producer: Kellie HannaRATE YOUR RISK: Burglary Victim

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