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Newark Police Suspected Ohio Boyz Gang Members

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 11:42 PM EDT
NEWARK (Steve Levine) -- Seven people are in police custody in connection with a gang called the Ohio Boyz that, police say, has been terrorizing central Ohio neighborhoods for months.

Five men and two juveniles suspected of being linked to the gang were arrested after being indicted by a Grand Jury in late July.

Police say the gang's crimes started out with the suspects vandalizing property with pellet guns, and eventually escalated to violent robberies and assaults.

Among the crimes believed to be connected to the gang are two attacks on a homeless man who lived under a bridge, and more than 60 instances of vehicle vandalization in a single neighborhood.

Police say the gang hit the streets earlier this year; they do not believe members are involved in organized crime.

"It seemed they were trying to impersonate what they saw on TV", Detective Melanie Angle said. "I don't believe Newark has a gang problem. These were a few people who just got together to commit crimes."

The investigation into the Ohio Boyz is ongoing. Police believe suspects other than those who were arrested may be connected to the gang.Newark Police Suspected Ohio Boyz Gang Members

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