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E. Columbus Woman Chases After Burglars

Updated: Friday, May 17 2013, 08:30 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Lisa Rantala/Ken Hines) -- An East Side mother called 911 to report that someone had just broken into her home, but in the end, she decided to chase after the suspects herself. 

Colelisa Estridge said she had just taken the shower when she heard a noise coming from her home's first floor.

Estridge, 27, investigated, and discovered that her living room had been ransacked, and her television, laptop, and children's tablets were gone. 

Estridge exited her home and heard the suspects drive away from her back alley. She told ABC 6/FOX28 she decided to chase the men.

“If they were doing 100 mph, then I was doing 110,” said Estridge, who finally cut the suspects off 10 minutes later and a mile-and-a-half away.

Estridge said the suspects threatened her when she approached their vehicle -- but she was not intimidated.

“Forget your gun.  Forget your dudes.  I don’t have a gun or anyone with me, but you’re going to give me my stuff back," Estridge claims to have told the men, one of whom ran away, while the other apologized for the theft.

“(He said) 'Ma’am, I’m so sorry.  Someone told us that was a good house to hit,'” Estridge said.  “(I asked) 'They didn’t tell you the woman who lives there is crazy, did they?'”

Police arrested Kenan Conner, 22, in connection with the burglary, and found gloves and masks in the back of his car.  His bail has been set $50,000. 

Estridge said she’s glad to have her belongings back, but doesn’t suggest others chase after criminals in the event of a burglary.E. Columbus Woman Chases After Burglars

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