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CRIME OF THE WEEK: Thieves take Reynoldsburg shopping spree with stolen cards

Updated: Friday, November 15 2013, 07:25 AM EST
REYNOLDSBURG (Camille Doty) -- A group of thieves targeted a Walmart in the 3900 block of Morse Avenue.  They used a bank card that was stolen during a home invasion. A child was with them during the store burglary.

Police say the suspects pried open the door of a home on Havencroft Drive while the family was sleeping on October 13. While inside, the suspects stole the victim's purse and credit cards.  At least one card was used within hours of the break-in.

Detective Gerald Milner with the Columbus Police Department said other culprits could have played a role in the string of crimes.

"We're not saying that they're the ones who broke into the house, but somewhere there in the line of usage of these cards of the stolen merchandise, he said. This is why they call it criminal enterprise. Everyone has a role to play. 

He said these types of operations may include an intruder, a distributor and a user to quicken the turnaround time.

The store video shows the group made two purchases.  The women bought candy and prepackaged food. Once they finished their transaction, they set the card on the counter for the man to buy meat. 

Milnar said the transactions could have been separated because one cart was for their benefit and the other was a form of repayment for securing the cards. 

Milner said its challenging to give an exact description because of the video quality, but he guessed the women are in their mid-to-late 30s.  The man is likely in his late 30s. The girl appears to be around eight years old.
"We'd like to know who they all are, but even if we can find out who one or two of them are, that will help us to lead -just like a domino effect," Milner said.

The detective said the woman wearing the teal T-shirt may be easier to identify because if a distinct tattoo on the right side of her chest. She most likely is the mother of the girl, who latched on to her in the store.

The suspects drove away in a maroon Chevy Impala.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Columbus police at 614-461-TIPS.CRIME OF THE WEEK: Thieves take Reynoldsburg shopping spree with stolen cards

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