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UPDATE: Woman's Body Found Dead in Hilliard

Updated: Monday, April 1 2013, 05:51 PM EDT
UPDATE: (4:45 pm 4-1-13)  The Hilliard police chief says their police department received a call from the woman's workplace about 1:30 pm saying the victim had not shown up for work.

When they went to the scene, the door was locked and there was no sign of a breakin.

A family member called a short time later asking police officers to check on her and they got a key from the complex managers.

When they entered the townhouse, there was a man at the top of the stairs barely breathing and the woman in another room dead.

No word on the man and woman's relationship or what might have caused her death. 

Police are still waiting on a search warrant to investigate further.


HILLIARD -- Police are on the scene of a woman's body found dead at 2596 West Ham Way in Hilliard.

A man was also taken to an area hospital in an unknown condition.

Very few details are being released, but the area is taped off.

Crews are waiting on a search warrant to get the body out of the home.

This is at a town home at Hilliard Summit.


Web Producer: Kellie HannaUPDATE: Woman's Body Found Dead in Hilliard

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