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Scam Artists Target Local Job Seekers

Updated: Friday, May 17 2013, 08:22 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Shawn Kline) -- Temperatures are going up, students are coming home for summer break and seasonal jobs are beginning to open.

The summer months often mean an extra source of income with seasonal work but not all employers are looking for your hard work: some want your hard-earned money.

"I would've lost $2415 plus whatever if I would've wrote checks out of my account," Terry Corne said.

Corne recently fell victim to one of these phony employers. According to Corne, it was supposed to be a simple advertising gig. When this "company" sent him a large check to buy supplies, he became skeptical.

"They told me to just send them the remainder of what I didn't spend," he said.

Sounded too good to be true. It was.

After consulting bank experts, Corne found the check was fake.

Since it takes weeks for a check to process, not only would Corne have been out of thousands of dollars but he would have lost that "remainder" he was to send back to his fake employer.

"Employment scams in general are one of the top 10 scams the Better Business Bureau sees," said Joan Coughlin of the Central Ohio Better Business Bureau (BBB).

According to the BBB, the Central Ohio office receives dozens of complaints every year regarding phony employers but the consumer advocacy agency says there are usually some red flags to look out for:

If an employer hires you without a formal interview, be cautious. It's usually not a good sign.

Stay-at-home jobs that sound "too good to be true" almost always are.

Also, if your employer asks for a payment, that should tell you they aren't interested in your hard work. Be cautious.
Scam Artists Target Local Job Seekers

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