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Police: Suspect Used Tech 9 During Fatal Clintonville Shootout

Updated: Thursday, May 16 2013, 08:53 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Lisa Rantala/Ken Hines) -- Police say a gunman used a discontinued firearm to shoot at officers during two incidents Wednesday in Clintonville.

Investigators say Emmanuel Gatewood -- who was killed by police -- used the well-known tech 9 to fire at officers during the shootings. The high-capacity gun was last manufactured in the 1990s, and is known among experts for its lack of accuracy.

"It's been overused in movies.  It's over glorified," said Mark Lucas, a shooting instructor at the L.E.P.D. shooting range. "That makes it attractive to the gang-banger."

The gun was removed from the Gatewood's SUV after a shootout with seven officers left Gatewood and his girlfriend, Kourtney Hahn, dead.

No officers were struck by bullets during either shooting, though two suffered wounds from flying glass.

“It’s not the kind of gun that’s accurate.  It’s not the kind of gun you carry for defense,” Lucas said of the tech 9.

Lucas said the accuracy range for the gun is approximately 25 ft. Magazines for the tech 9 can hold at least 30 rounds, and sources say several magazines were found in the couple’s vehicle. 

Tech 9s can currently be purchased at gun shows, or online, according to Lucas.Police: Suspect Used Tech 9 During Fatal Clintonville Shootout

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