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Police Helicopter Records Fall Short

Updated: Monday, May 6 2013, 03:07 PM EDT

COLUMBUS (Ben Garbarek) – Columbus Police helicopters are back in the air.  The entire fleet was grounded for three weeks while an outside group went over the department’s inspection records.

The report found the helicopters are in good shape, but the department’s recordkeeping needs improvement.

“The aircraft were never not taken care of,” said Lt. Greg Estep.  “It’s just the documentation, records issue we had to clarify.”

The report shows maintenance records that had errors, missing records and were often vague.

Police pilots say they’re working on a new computer system that will help keep better records from here on out.

“As of now, we’re good to go,” Estep said.  “We’re in tune with what the FAA wants, so we’re happy with where we’re at now.”

Police Helicopter Records Fall Short

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