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New App to Help Identify STD's

Updated: Friday, May 17 2013, 08:22 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Tara Morgan) -- There's a new smart phone app to help identify sexually transmitted diseases.

STD Triage is free to download and anonymous.

Basically you snap a picture with your smart phone of any below the belt concerns.

But you have to pay $40.00 for an opinion on the pictures.

A licensed dermatologist will review the photos and send back recommendations on whether to seek treatment by a doctor.

"Where is the full assessment, where's the accountability, where's the education," said Niki Kritikos, a certified nurse practitioner with Columbus Public Health.

Kritikos says while the anonymity may be appealing, her best advice is to see a doctor first to get tested.

"The sooner for someone to get into treatment the sooner they're not spreading it to individuals," said Kritikos.

The maker of STD Triage says the app does not substitute a doctor's visit that it's a way to point people in the right direction.

New App to Help Identify STD's

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