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Family Talks About Jumping from Apartment Fire

Updated: Friday, March 15 2013, 07:55 PM EDT
COLUMBUS - Only on ABC 6, three people, who jumped from their third floor apartment to escape a fire, talk to ABC 6.

Fire broke out in a second floor apartment near Hamilton and Refugee roads Monday around 10 a.m. 

The family says they could hear fire engine sirens somewhere in the parking lot, but decided there was no time to wait for a rescue.

Thick black smoke was filling their apartment, and flames were shooting out of the apartment below. 

As smoke quickly filled the third-floor apartment, Pamela Smith, her boyfriend Anthony Spears and her son Kodzo Dobosu quickly realized the only way out was through the window.

The three could hear fire engines nearby, but there was no time to wait.

They broke out a window, and used sheet as a rope.
Dobosu was the first one out.

"I get out of the window, I'm holding the sheet and it just snaps," he said. "And I go down on the glass we broke."

His hands in shreds, he got to his feet and ran for help. Pamela Smith jumped next.

"If I stayed there trying to figure out what to do, until they got a ladder or got another sheet," Smith said softly. "Flames were shooting at me. There would've been no way for me to get out. I didn't realize when I dropped it was so doggone far. Soon as I hit my legs broke."

Anthony Spears was the last one out.

"I was jumping and I had to go past where the fire was," he said. "I went through that smoke and then I finally hit the ground. I felt comfort even though I couldn't move. I just looked up in the air and seeing the flames out of our apartment knowing we could still be in there being burnt up."

Instead their guts and courage kept them alive; Pamela says also some heavenly help.


Reporter: Terri Sullivan
Web Producer: Kellie Hanna


UPDATE:  Columbus fire crews have released the 9-1-1 calls from this Refugee Rd. apartment fire.


COLUMBUS -- Four people are recovering from injuries after a Monday morning fire at a Southeast Columbus apartment building.

Fire crews were called to Refugee Road at Hamilton Road just before 10 a.m., and soon found multiple people hanging out of the building's 3rd floor windows. A fourth victim had already jumped from a window when fire fighters arrived.

One person was treated for injuries at the scene, while three others were transported to Grant Medical Center. None of the injuries are considered to be life threatening.

Investigators do not yet know if animals inside the building at the fire's outset were recovered safely.

The blaze was contained within 30 minutes of fire fighters' arrival. Each of the building's 8 occupied units sustained damage.

The fire's cause has not been determined.


Web Producer: Ken HinesFamily Talks About Jumping from Apartment Fire

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