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Columbus Relatives Wanted for Alleged Energy Drink Thefts

Updated: Friday, May 17 2013, 08:30 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Carol Luper/Ken Hines) -- Police are trying to find two men suspected of turning serial shoplifting into a family affair.

Cary Boling and his nephew, Christopher, were caught by security cameras exiting a Columbus Walmart and several Kroger stores with stolen cases of energy drinks, according to Assistant City Prosecutor Bill Hedrick.

Hedrick told ABC 6/FOX 28 Cary, 45, and Christopher, 25, have stolen more than $2000 worth of energy drinks, including Red Bull and Monster. The assistant prosecutor does not believe the men are drinking their loot.

There are retail theft rings in the city of Columbus, and throughout the country, that [are] willing to buy this product," he said. "They're obviously not drinking $2000 worth of Monster or Red Bull."

Arrest warrants were issued for both men after they failed to attend scheduled court appearances.Columbus Relatives Wanted for Alleged Energy Drink Thefts

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