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Attorney General: Fraud Within Internet Cafes

Updated: Tuesday, February 26 2013, 09:44 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- Ohio's Attorney General, Mike DeWine releases new undercover video of some of Ohio's "Internet Cafes," claiming what they're doing now is illegal.

The subject has gone through the Statehouse the past two years. Last year, a bill that would effectively bankrupt these possible illegal gambling spots floated through session then tossed away because of time concerns.

This year, House Bill 7 would ban these businesses if lawmakers approve it and the Governor signs it.

"We want to crack down on these elements before they become a real problem in Ohio," Sandy Theis said.

Theis is with a group called Citizens Against Gambling Expansion, backing House Bill 7 and strict regulation of Internet Cafes.

According to DeWine and Theis, the presence of slot machines or programs similar to slot machines make Internet Cafes illegal now, even before any bill is passed into law.

"They look like slot machines, they sound like slot machines and they pay out like slot machines," Theis said. "If they're slot machines, they're not legally allowed to be in those places."

So why aren't those places getting busted?

DeWine says they will in due time.

"I'd like to see what the state legislature is going to do," DeWine said. "It will be a lot clearer with a decision from them."

Reporter: Shawn Kline
Attorney General: Fraud Within Internet Cafes

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