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Pluma Jewelry

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 12:50 AM EDT
COLUMBUS -- Each stone sparkles more than the one next to it and they inspire Treffry Caldwell's bevy of baubles.

"So amazing that they came out of the ground that way, and they have these characteristics, and these colors that mother nature made them, and I know it sounds weird kind of geeky, but I just love the rocks, the stones," she said.

Treffry started Pluma Jewelry about six years ago, at first just making pieces for herself. Now she's created thousands of pieces. Treffry says these gemstones are her canvas.

"It is an art, and its not painting or photography, but it is all about balance and proportion and color and weight and texture," she said. "When someone finds out that you made something, and that you put your time and your effort into it, and you know its buying a piece of your work and your art, and they're really supportive of that, and I feel like Columbus is a great place for that."


Reporter: Ashley Yore
Web Producer: Ken Hines
Pluma Jewelry

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