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Woman's Attack is Caught on Camera, as Toddler is the Only One Who Tries to Help

Updated: Friday, June 27 2014, 10:43 PM EDT
SALEM, N.J. (Dawn Faugl) -- A woman's attack by a former coworker was caught on camera, and it shows her young son was the only person who came to her rescue.

Catherine Ferreira suffered a broken nose and concussion, as well as bruises and cuts to her face.

Ferreira says she used to work at McDonald's with the suspect, who police have identified. Ferreira says the fight started over workplace gossip. 

Police in Salem, New Jersey found the beating video on Youtube. The video shows what appears to be teens standign by watching the beating, while Ferreira's 2-year-old son tries to stop it. "After that I became so much closer to my son, because he didn't care what was going on. He wasn't afraid, he just wanted to defend his mom," Ferreira said.

Police will charged the attacker with aggravated assault and making threats against Ferreira and her son.Woman's Attack is Caught on Camera, as Toddler is the Only One Who Tries to Help
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