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Woman Says She Was Holding Baby When Police Officer Tased Her

Updated: Friday, August 22 2014, 02:43 PM EDT
Woman Says She Was Holding Baby When Police Officer Tased Her story image
BALTIMORE (CNN/Sean Rowe) -- A woman in Baltimore says she held a baby in her arms when a police officer used a stun gun on her. But, Baltimore police say they’re investigated the claim – and, say that’s not what happened.

The cell phone video is shaky, but it clearly shows a chaotic scene on Prestbury Street in the Gilmor neighborhood as several Baltimore City police officers conducted an arrest.

Dep. Comm. Jerry Rodriguez, of the Baltimore City Police Department, said, "Officers from the Western District, uniformed patrol officers, responded to the location as a result of narcotics activity."

What happened next sent many residents into an uproar. Looking at the video, the woman seen in pink pants is holding an 11-month-old child. She’s seen approaching and then backing away. Moments later, a taser is heard going off.

People are heard screaming to grab the baby.

"Hey, get the baby!"

Quansha Crooms says she is the woman in the video. She says she was tased while holding her 11-month-old brother, Travon.

“First things, he pulled my hair for one. He pulled my hair, I stumbled over. He didn't even say nothing. He straight tased me," Crooms said.

But, Balitmore City PD refutes her story.

Dep. Comm. Jerry Rodriguez said, "The lady was not holding a baby at the time."

Crooms’ mother says police officers tased her daughter three times – once in the stomach and twice in her back. Both women say police showed no regard for the 11-month-old’s safety.

Jauquan Dye said, "My son, he was on the ground and the neighbor picked my son up off the ground. And he was crying."'

The deputy commissioner says he want to get to the bottom of what happened during the incident shown on the cell phone video. He says he come out to where it happened to speak with nearby residents.

Dep. Comm. Jerry Rodriguez said, "I personally sought out any witnesses. I let them know the purpose of us being there."

Police do have surveillance video of the incident, but say they will release it. They say they are investigating if aggressive force was used.

Woman Says She Was Holding Baby When Police Officer Tased Her

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