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Storms Rip Through Central Ohio

Updated: Sunday, July 27 2014, 11:31 PM EDT
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NORTH COLUMBUS (James Jackson) -- Tonight, cleanup continues, after storms ripped through Central Ohio, Sunday. Strong winds snapped trees and took down power lines. Yards also flooded from heavy rains.
The weather split a tree on East 9th Avenue, in North Columbus. It fell on an apartment. Neighbors say the woman who lives in the unit wasn't home when it fell. But, it caused quite a scare in the neighborhood.

Piece by piece and limb by limb, crews from the City of Columbus cleaned up the downed tree.  They worked into the night getting up the pieces.

Keisha Paige lives next door. She says she doesn't come outside much, but the loud noise from the tree instantly pulled her to the front yard. "We didn't hear no lightning or nothing like that. We just came out and it was fallen and it hit the neighbor's house," Paige said.

Paige tells ABC 6/FOX 28 that neighbor came home moments after the tree came down. She wasn't hurt, but Paige says it's others in the neighborhood she feared for. "There's usually kids out here playing. That could have been somebody's kid out here hurt," Paige said.

Neighbors reported similar sights in Union County. Chris Cox tells us he and his father were watching TV, when a tree came crashing down, onto State Route 4, Sunday afternoon. "We're pretty lucky that it didn't fall on the house because I was sitting in the living room and it would have fell right on top of it," Cox said.

Heavy rain turned nearby yards into ponds. People there say they're used to it, when storms come through. But, storm damage is far from the norm back on East 9th Avenue. Neighbors there say they're just glad no one was hurt.

ABC 6/FOX 28 tried to contact the company who manages the building to talk about fixing any damage there. But, they were not available to comment.Storms Rip Through Central Ohio

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