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Rally to End Violence in Gaza

Updated: Sunday, July 20 2014, 08:47 AM EDT
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DOWNTOWN COLUMBUS (James Jackson) -- Tonight, a plea to end the violence in Gaza. Crowds of people marched through the streets of Downtown Columbus, spreading their message of hope.

They came by the hundreds with one unified message. Participants chanted and held signs. Odessa Compton-Aziz wants her young kids to know about the violence in Gaza and says everyone can make a difference. "If we speak up as a community and each person's voice is heard, things can change," Compton-Aziz said.

Hoping for that change were community members, students, activists and faith leaders. They marched several blocks to the State House. Organizers say they want people to mourn the loss of life in Gaza. Hannah Tyler is a participant and also helped organize the event. "They have lives. They have children. They have schools. They have hospitals. They have dreams. They have careers and the brutality that they're being subjected to right now is absolutely heart-wrenching," Tyler said.

Officials in Gaza say the death toll since Israel started military operations there has risen to more than 300. That's a number people rallying are trying to stop from getting any higher.

Sunday, the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus is having a rally for Israel. Its at 4 pm, at the center, on College Avenue, in East Columbus. The Columbus Jewish Federation's president, Gordon Hecker, will be there sharing first hand accounts from his trip to Israel last week. They are trying to raise $100,000 to support Israel.

Today's' rally was one of many taking place across the country and the world.Rally to End Violence in Gaza

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