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Local Business Unhappy with Construction Project Blocking Entrance

Updated: Friday, August 22 2014, 06:09 PM EDT
Local Business Unhappy with Construction Project Blocking Entrance story image
NORTH COLUMBUS (James Jackson) -- A small business owner says a construction project is killing his sales. He says it could force him to close, until the project is over.

Business is light at the Battery Shop of Columbus. Owner Ryan Esau says people can't get to his shop and says it's all because of a construction project, on East 17th Avenue. "It really pisses me off because we're just trying to live the American Dream and have a small business," Esau said.

That dream, Esau says, is now a nightmare. Construction crews recently put up a wall along East 17th. Esau says it keeps people from turning into his main entrance. "I have four or five people that work for me and their families depend on us to be open," Esau said.

His employees recycle and refurbish 600 batteries a day. Esau says the project cuts business in half.

Jasmine Simmons came there Friday to get a new battery. She had to park next door and walk over. "It was a very big inconvenience for me to have to drive all the way to Saint Stephen's you know to get my battery and carry it all the way over here," Simmons said.

Officials with the City of Columbus say the project, which stretches more than a mile down East 17th, will upgrade streets, sidewalks, drainage and curbs.

City officials say that phase of the project is expected to be finished in November of next year. The wall is there for driver and bicycle safety and will stay there, until the work is done. They recommend customers come around the back.Local Business Unhappy with Construction Project Blocking Entrance

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