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Legislation Introduced to Lower Ohio's Infant Mortality Rate

Updated: Friday, August 22 2014, 06:24 PM EDT
Legislation Introduced to Lower Ohio
COLUMBUS (Chris Vanocur) -- Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is introducing new legislation to help protect Ohio babies. Friday, Brown spoke out on the issue alongside a number of other Ohioans.

Scott Weidener was one of those who joined Brown. In May, 2011, Weidener lost his youngest son. But not only did he lose a child, he also lost a patient.

As Weidener explained Friday, "Not only do I carry the pain of losing my son, I was, unfortunately, one of the paramedics
that was on the scene trying to save his life."

It's losses like this prompting Senator Brown to take action. He's introducing legislation to keep better track of infant deaths. It's hoped this information can be used to prevent future babies from dying.

As Columbus Health Commissioner, Dr. Teresa Long put it, "There is nothing, nothing more devastating to parents than the loss of a child
and when they don't know why their child died, their anguish is even greater."

Ohio ranks very poorly when it comes to infant death in America. In 2012,  more than 1,000 babies died here before their first birthday.Legislation Introduced to Lower Ohio's Infant Mortality Rate

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