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Homerun Hit Scores Big Splash in Woman's Beer Cup

Updated: Thursday, July 31 2014, 03:05 PM EDT
Homerun Hit Scores Big Splash in Woman
SAN FRANCISCO (Sean Rowe) -- A home-run sent soaring to the stands at AT&T Park Stadium in San Francisco made a big splash for one lady – and, her beer cup. A moment of silence for the beer lost in the cup-ball explosion that ensued.

The woman was sitting front row at the Pittsburgh Pirates-S.F. Giants game when a home-run hit from Pirates shortstop Jordy mercer came hurtling at her.

The woman raised her left arm holding her beer cup to protect herself from the high-speed baseball hurtling closer and closer and closer to her; finally crashing squarely into the beer cup.

The impact smashed the beer cup, sending the beer splashing all over the woman and the ground.

Nearby fans checked to see if the woman was hurt -- and, scrambled to find the baseball, too.

The woman quickly went to get another beer.

The Giants won; 7-5.Homerun Hit Scores Big Splash in Woman's Beer Cup

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