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Chillicothe Mayor Suspends Police Chief

Updated: Monday, July 28 2014, 07:47 PM EDT
Chillicothe Mayor Suspends Police Chief story image
CHILLICOTHE (Dawn Faugl/Chelsea Spears) -- Mayor Jack Everson suspended police chief Roger Moore city officials confirmed Monday morning.

City law director Sherri Rutherford confirmed Captain Keith Washburn was named acting chief during Moore's suspension. She said she was unaware of the details surrounding the suspension.

Moore has been chief of the Chillicothe Police since 2009. Earlier this year, the chief announced a major crime-fighting effort in the city, saying officers have pinpointed neighborhoods where drugs have taken over, and were ready to make arrests. He had a dispute with the city law director, who he accused of being lenient on some nuisance law violators, but said he'd voiced his frustrations.

The chief was involved in controversy in 2013, when he was caught on video in a scuffle outside a bar. Then when a state trooper caught him speeding in an unmarked car, he was caught on video yelling at the trooper that he was the chief.

Moore claims he is not suspended, saying he is instead on paid administrative leave pending a pre-disciplinary hearing.

"No further comment," Moore said. "I look forward to an appeal with the civil service commission."Chillicothe Mayor Suspends Police Chief

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