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Cameras Left Around Town for Strangers to Capture Columbus Life

Updated: Thursday, July 31 2014, 05:47 PM EDT
Cameras Left Around Town for Strangers to Capture Columbus Life story image
SHORT NORTH (Terri Sullivan) -- Disposable cameras are popping up around town, and the man who's leaving them needs you to be the artist.

Alex Walkowski is tying them to doors, or leaving them on news stands. He says it started with a couple of cameras here and there. "Just for fun see people's reaction And how they interact. And now it's slowly starting to develop into a big firsthand look at a community."

From his hundreds of pictures, he's learned that people are basically the same. "It's kind of limited. The size of the string is fairly small so you kind of get three or four different shots. You get selfies. And then you get people taking action shots. I have a lot of people in the middle of dancing that are taking it. And then you have a lot of people taking pictures of their surroundings."

He says dogs are frequent picture subjects. "It is the same type of shots, but every roll is different depending on where you place it and depending on who's taking it."

Walkowski also has community cameras in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he goes to school. He says he's not finished with his camera project yet, and doesn't know what form the finished product will take.
His focus is everyday life, and what makes people click.

To see his project so far go to momentarycomfort.comCameras Left Around Town for Strangers to Capture Columbus Life

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