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BAND SCANDAL: Waters' Attorney Says Band Director was 'Scapegoat' for Ohio State

Updated: Monday, July 28 2014, 03:40 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Dawn Faugl) -- The attorney for fired Ohio State band director Jon Waters says he's starting his own investigation. Attorney David Axelrod says he wants to speak with everyone questioned by the university, and investigate its official report that discusses what it calls a "sexualized" culture in the band.

He says fired band director Jon Waters was a "convenient scapegoat" for Ohio State, and he says Waters was trying to change the culture he inherited.

The report describes sexually-explicit nicknames, a midnight ramp entrance with band members in underwear, alcohol abuse, and sexual behaviors. 

Waters took over the band in 2012. His attorney claims the university did not give him enough time to correct years of questionable customs and traditions. "If you look at the report, page 12 reflects the notes of the assistant band director and the associate director that no one worked harder than Jon to change the culture of the band and move it in the right direction," Axelrod said.

His lawyer also says one thing being considered is a lawsuit against the university.

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