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BAND SCANDAL: Document Outlines Changes Made Under Jon Waters' Direction

Updated: Friday, August 1 2014, 05:49 AM EDT
BAND SCANDAL: Document Outlines Changes Made Under Jon Waters
OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (Maria Durant/Dawn Faugl) -- Jon Waters' attorney, David Axelrod, says before Jon was fired he was asked to outline the steps he made to change band culture during his nearly two years as director of the Ohio state marching band. Axelrod says Waters' turned over a seven page document detailing changes. 

In the document, Waters writes, "During the past 20 months, upon being named director of the OSU Marching and Athletics Bands and inheriting a band culture in dire need of change, I began a process with our band staff concentrated pressure for real, lasting change within the organization."

The document details the training Waters says he put his staff and squad leaders through.

Dan Stevens a current band member said, "Never as my time in the band and now as a squad leader have I ever felt victimized or hazed. When Jon became director we started seeing change."
Stevens says Waters wouldn't even let them refer to new members as rookies. He says they had to call them first year band members. Stevens says Waters didn't want to disrespect them.BAND SCANDAL: Document Outlines Changes Made Under Jon Waters' Direction
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