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After Complaints About 'Peeping Drone' Company Apologizes and Explains Mistake

Updated: Thursday, June 26 2014, 11:35 PM EDT
After Complaints About
PORTLAND, Ore. (Dawn Faugl) -- A company is apologizing to a Seattle woman after she called police to report a hovering drone, with a camera, outside her high-rise apartment window.

Lisa Pliess though the camera was being used to spy on her as she changed, but the Portland company Skyris Imaging says it's all a misunderstanding. Joe Vaughn says his company was hired by a Seattle developer to take photos of the view for a new 20-story building.

Vaughn says he uses the remote aircraft equipped with helicopters to get the shots. He says they sent the drone up across the street from Pliess's building to get a panoramic photo of the area, and they were not trying to spy on anyone.

Vaughn says he first heard about the peeping drone worries from news stories, and called Seattle police right away to tell them what happened. "It was not our intent to view anything other than the views from a 20-story office building that will be built across the street," Vaughn said.

He says he talked to Pliess on the phone and apologized for scaring her. He also says as an apology, they're sending her a copy of the cityscape photo they took with the drone outside her window.After Complaints About 'Peeping Drone' Company Apologizes and Explains Mistake

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