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'Tiny House' Hotel Draws Big Craze

COLUMBUS (Derek Drake) -- Whether you're looking for a "green" getaway or a unique experience, a new 'hotel' in Portland, OR is catering to your needs.

'Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel', located in the northeastern part of the city is mere miles from the Columbia River. If you like the proximity to the hot spots in Portland and Vancouver, WA, you should also appreciate the proximity you'll have to your travel mates.

The hotel offers 3 style of 'homes' circled like wagons on an old west prairie. The 3 homes boast square footage of less than the average home's bedroom or office.

From 90-square-feet ('The Pearl') to the largest 160-square-feet ('The Tandem') all accommodations include a small kitchen, bathroom (complete with hot shower) and a place to sleep.

Click here to read more about the history of these 'tiny homes' and to see how you can reserve your spot.


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