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Robber Gets More Than He Bargained For...

Over the weekend a man came into a store in Missouri with the intention of walking out with some fast cash.

The crook walked in, smoking a cigarette which the clerk, Jon Lewis Alexander, 54, immediately asked him to put out.

Instead, the would-be robber pulls a revolver on the clerk, but he wasn't fast enough. Alexander, a 30 year Army veteran who served four-tours in Iraq, pulled his gun from its holster and put it in the face of the robber.

The man then lowered his weapon, knowing he'd been bested and slowly backed out of the store.

Alexander said as soon as the man hit the door, he took off running.

One of the policemen told me later, Youre a lucky man, Alexander said to on Monday. I said, I think he (the robber) is a little luckier than I am.

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