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Looters Trash a Detroit Gas Station

DETROIT (Derek Drake) -- Surveillance video catches a jaw-dropping crime at a gas station on the Detroit's east side.

The owner came forward and talked to FOX affiliate WJBK about what happened, and he says he's thinking of shutting down the business all together.

WJBK reports the crime happened around 12:30 am on Sunday, August 11, 2013. The owner said the clerk asked a man to leave the store, and when he did, the man went into a violent tirade.

He can be seen in the video banging on the bulletproof glass protecting the clerk from the chaos, then swiping everything off the front counter. Once that happened, the proverbial flood gates opened up, and looters came rushing in.

People can be seen coming into the store and taking anything they could get their hands on. One woman is seen leaving with stolen goods, then coming back for more.

After the mayhem ended inside, the chaos continued outside as one person tries to throw a brick through the store's from door.

"This is the City of Detroit," the owner told WJBK. "The city ain't the same anymore. The young, ignorant generation is moving business owners and the good citizens of Detroit out of the city."

the owner went on to tell the FOX affiliate this kind of thing is "normal" and that worse things have happened in the past to other stores, but the owners are too afraid to come forward.

The manager of this Detroit store says he blames a lack of police, lack of patrols and slow response times for crimes like these. He said he fears these crimes, and lack of law enforcement assistance will continue to drive businesses out of Detroit.


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