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6-Year-Old Helps Mom Deliver Baby

PHOENIX (Ken Hines) -- A mom is resting comfortably after she was forced to deliver her own baby inside her home -- with a little help from her 6-year-old daughter!

Young Janeicea Owens was recently awakened by the sound of her pregnant mother screaming in the middle of the night. When Janeicea found Canisha in the bathroom, she discovered that her mom was in labor.

"We just hugged each other, she was praying. She was like, 'It's o.k. Mommy. Breathe,'" Canisha told KSAZ.

Janeicea comforted her mom while relaying step-by-step delivery instructions from a 911 dispatcher. Soon, Janeicea's new baby sister was born -- just minutes before paramedics arrived at the home.

The baby, who was born two months premature, is expected to go home in a few weeks.

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